Episode 1: The Father Destination w/ Devon Sawa

Toss that rusty old grill into the lake and set the barcalounger on fire, Dadward Spiral Episode 1 is here! This week, Eddie and I are joined by Devon Sawa to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a responsible father with a dark past.

One could easily say that becoming a parent changes you. There's the "before you," and the "after you." And that's a notion Devon Sawa knows pretty well. The actor burst onto the scene when he was just 11-years-old, playing the lead in the family movie Casper, alongside Christina Ricci. He went on to do work in movies The Little Giants, Idle Hands, and Final Destination.

But as is common in Hollywood, it seems the party life caught up with Sawa and he decided to leave acting behind him in the early '00s. By sheer accident, an assistant at his agent's office called him for a project while he was on his hiatus and it wasn't long before he was back in the business, moving to television where he worked on CW's Nikita for multiple seasons. He was clearer-headed and, as he told Eddie and me during our official first episode of Dadward Spiral, acting was just where he needed to be. It's his passion. Something that informs who he is deep-down.

Throughout our hour-long conversation, Sawa shared his experience in the industry, especially as a father of two kids. We discussed a bunch of topics but delved deeply into the importance of traveling with children to other countries (he and his wife are still planning on purchasing a home in Greece), disconnecting from social media, and the challenges of parenting during a pandemic.

And while I may never understand how one can cross a Saigon street bustling with hundreds of scooters zig-zagging every which way, with their family in tow, Devon Sawa's drive to educate his kids about the world -- a necessity, especially in these oddball times we're living in -- is an inspiring thing to listen to.


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